July 20, 2014

The One with the Little Things (Volume 2)

Watched & Heard


Such a powerful message from Colbie Calliat—that artificial beauty popularized by the media isn’t true beauty.

Read: This lovely article by Katie Manley about remembering (and savoring) the good and the bad of parenting.

Wore: nothing but a bathing suit and sunscreen on our recent beach outing

Made: baby food, baby food, and more baby food!

And Lastly...

I pledge to be more enthused and go full speed ahead into my passions in life.

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  1. Love the Colbie Calliat video that you shared, one to show my girls definitely.
    The quote you've picked to end with is just perfect, he was a wise (and funny!) man that Roald Dahl xx

  2. Thank you! That quote is getting framed in the office as we speak and thay video is something ill show my girl someday as well. Thanks for hosting!


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