February 5, 2016

Quick Tips for a Newborn Photo Session: A Guest Post by Debra Schoenberger

 Although I am primarily a documentary photographer, I really enjoy baby portrait sessions.  Every family and their baby are unique and the results are wonderful!  Here are some of my favourites:  (the one with the mother and baby with the green blanket was chosen twice by a National Geographic photography editor).

I prefer to shoot a session which emphasizes the tenderness and love between the parent and their baby.  Every session is different as is every baby.  Some will sleep through the whole session while some babies cry most of the time.  I have learned to be patient - something wonderful and unique happens during every newborn shoot.  For newborn sessions, between seven and 10 days is best because at that time most babies will curl up naturally and it’s really not a lot of work.  Let the baby be themselves - depending on their age and ability to play with toys, just let them play

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