March 14, 2016

4 Phrases Every Daughter Should Hear from Their Moms

"I’m proud of you"
Nothing is more encouraging than daughters being told they are a source of pride for their moms. It gets rid of doubt, of second guessing, of all the fears we may have harbored in us. So long as our moms are proud, we can do no wrong. These four simple words gives us strength; that we can conquer all and beat the odds on just about anything.

"Use your words"
Like I’ve said before words are powerful even more so when they are used correctly. My hope is that someday, my daughter to uses hers to speak up. Whether it’s sticking up for herself or for others, or to encourage her friends and teach peers, even  to spread joy or strength, I want my daughter to be a voice in the room. She doesn’t have to be the loudest nor does she have to be the most timid, I just hope that she is heard loud and clear

"Yes, you can"
Women, time and time again, face plenty of barriers in their lifetime. People left and right will tell them “no” or that they can’t. As moms we have to encourage our daughters to break those barriers down; to let them know that it’s talent and hard-work that will get lead them to success; its dedication and commitment—not their gender or any other factors. Therefore, whether it’s being a writer or a cartoonist, an engineer or an architect, we must learn to support our children in their endeavors, even if we’re the only one telling them, yes you can…

"Enjoy it"
A mom’s constant hope for their children is simple: to live a fruitful life. We try our best to raise them as grateful human beings, allotting them even better opportunities than we had as children, but between our busy lives as moms and the endless encouragement we give them—we often forget that they need to enjoy the process of it all as well. I’ll be the first to admit: I’m guilty of this. Sometimes, I get so caught up in teaching my daughter the ABCs, counting to 10, or even choosing the right crayon to draw with, it often slips my mind that she’s only 2. There’s plenty of time for her to learn these things and then some. However, her time as a carefree child is numbered. Her days without worry and stress, her moments of pure bliss over the simplest things are fleeting. Soon, she’ll be an adult with bigger challenges to conquer. So, while we wait for those grown up years to come about, it’s important for us to let our children be children. Let them play in the dirt and enjoy their childhood. They’re only young once after all.

What about you? What words would you want your daughter to hear?  

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