April 18, 2016

Kindness to Others: How Caregivers and Cancer Survivors Gain Strength

If there’s anything that I’ve learned from my journey to kindness it’s this: it comes in different forms. A warm smile to a stranger, a gentle caress on your loved one’s shoulder, there’s endless ways we can show kindness to each other.

The challenge however is this: how do we show kindness to someone who is suffering, especially if we, too, are in pain because of their condition? Do we mask our pain and be strong for them, or share our fears and weep with them?
Insights on kindness, survival and strength from cancer survivors and their caregivers via Collecting Moments Blog

Caregivers to the ill, face this challenge daily. Whether it’s a loved one or a long-time patient, these people have the difficult task of striking a balance between being a foundation of strength and a source of hope to those they care for most. Their insights are valuable and their perspective just as strong as their hearts. And to me, they’re among the many pillars of kindness in this world.

 And that’s what the The Mesothelioma + Asbestos Awareness Center captured during their candid conversations with different caregivers and cancer survivors. Read on to learn more about their insights on sacrifice, survival and strength.


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