June 7, 2016

First Steps to Showing Kindness to Others: Parenthood & Kindness Series with Shauna of Delightful Struggles

How good manners and leading by example can lead to kindness in children and others

I'm so happy Shauna was able to join us this week for Parenthood and Kindness. As a health counselor, she offers such a unique perspective on what parents can do to teach kids about their kindness. Her wisest suggestion: start teaching kids good manners. 

Tells us the kindest thing you’ve ever experienced (professionally or personally)?
My current supervisor is amazing! I could say she is hands down the best supervisor I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some great ones!). There was one time I was having a hard time and was very stressed out at my remote location. She recognized my stress and not only did she give me awesome feedback about personal care she brought me chocolates too
Who/what inspires you to be kind? Explain why they/it inspires you to do so
My fiancĂ© inspires me to be kind. He’s such an optimistic person and can see the good in people before he sees the bad. I enjoy how he is able to work with others without hesitation and he easily bounces back from rejection. It’s a gift to have someone in your life who wakes up with a smile on their face every day and it’s pretty contagious

It’s important to be kind to others, but it’s just as important to be kind to yourself. What do you do (or plan on doing) to be kind to yourself (either as a professional, or as a woman)?
We counselors always talk about self-care. I love love love a good pedicure and manicure when I could afford it. My favorite thing is crafting! I make all sorts of things and it keep me pretty relaxed as well as keeps me calm, cool, and collected.


It’s often said that kindness is easier said than done. As a mental health counselor who works mostly with families, what valuable advice can you give parents on how they can show kindness to their children or to others?
You have to mind what you say and do around children. Kids are like sponges they soak everything up. When they are young mimic things parents say and do. However, as a child gets older they take those things they learned and turn them inward. To me the best way to start is the through the use of manners. The words, please and thank you are truly magical and they can go a long way. Even waiting your turn to talk is important and it shows that you have respect for another person. Show if you show you children through modeling love and kindness and then couple this with teaching them manners and courtesy towards others they will eventually mirror this as well

What’s the most important lesson parents can give their children about kindness?
Sometimes you will be kind to others and it will not be returned, but that does not mean you should stop being kind. Parents should teach kids that what they put into the world is what they get back, so if they put out negativity they will be followed by it.

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