June 21, 2016

Kindness Takes Intention: Parenthood and Kindness Series with Keri of Living in This Season

Keri has a way with words. She's inspiring and motivating and encourages mothers like me daily. So, our conversation about kindness was no different and I'm so happy I'm able to share her words with you today.  Her kind heart and her devotion are reflected on her responses, and her insight on parenthood and kindness is both eye-opening and endearing.

Tells us the kindest thing you’ve ever experienced as a parent?
I think every time my kids hug me, say thank you.

Who/what inspires you to be kind? Explain why they/it inspires you to do so
My relationship with God inspires me to be kind. I live by Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind and love your neighbor as yourself. It is the desire of my heart to live a life that pours out the love of God to others

It’s important to be kind to others, but it’s just as important to be kind to yourself. What do you do (or plan on doing) to be kind to yourself (either as a mother, as a professional, or as a woman)?
I am so passionate about self care with mamas specifically. So often we get so consumed with motherhood that we neglect ourselves. I was recently asking a question on Instagram about what moms did for “me time”. So many jokingly asked what me time was. Underneath the humor, I know some are really struggling to find this time, but it is vital that we do! Writing is something that I am passionate about so I make time for it. Reading, having girl time, are also ways that I have time for myself. Scheduling it in is key for me. I have a friend that I meet for coffee once a month, both of us have to be intentional with this.


It’s often said that kindness is easier said than done. As a parent, what valuable advice can you give for showing kindness to others (especially to those who may not seem like they want or deserve it)?
It does take intention. It is easy to be kind to those who are kind to you. I have seen myself struggle with it and now I see my kids struggle with it. We talk a lot about doing to others as you want to be treated. Communicating about the need for kindness is key. It takes repetition, consistency and modeling by the parents

As a parent, what does kindness mean to you?
Kindness means to treat others with love and dignity

What lesson do you want your kids to learn about kindness?
I want my kids to grow up loving God and loving others. I want them to seek and to consider the view point of someone else’s life before judging them.

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