May 23, 2014

My Top 5 Moments of the Week {High Five for Friday}

The view from below at our backyard. 

1.Taking advantage of the spring spouting up in our backyard. After the winter we’ve had, I think it’s well-deserved.
2. My week started with my phone completely fritzing on me. I must say, it was interesting to go tech free for 48 hours (more on that later). 
3. My little sis graduated last Friday and I couldn’t be more proud! #mompaidforthat
Proud grad and proud mama

4. Baby girl finally mastered the art of rolling over…which means she does it at the exact 3 seconds mama is not looking.
5. Looking forward to a family-centric weekend. We've been up and away for the past three weeks, I just can't wait to relax at home and not rush anywhere.

Enjoy your long weekend, folks!
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