February 12, 2017

A Mom's Much Needed Break

I had grand plans to end 2016. Thoughtful pieces were on deck to publish, plans to connect with more readers were being finalized;  I was ready to end the year with a big bang and welcome 2017 with as much optimism and hope that I could. 

Wrap up a blog, start another, concentrate on writing more fiction, and tell more of my parenting stories: this was my to-do lists for the new year. 

Then, life—in its most unexpected and surprisingly delightful manner—quite literally got in the way.

Ever heard of the expression: Man plans, God laughs? 

Well, I can safely say that God has one of the greatest senses of humors known to man. Because as much as I planned for this, it’s still rocked me—and my family—to its core. 

My husband and I always wanted to expand our brood, and though we always knew it was going to be a brand new adventure—starting from square one and building our parental chops once more—we never knew it’d be this…different. 

So, in lieu of us transitioning from a family of three to a family of four, I’m taking a little break and cherishing these last few months—where brief silence is still feasible with a 3 year old, where early nights spent binging Netflix shows with my husband is still the norm. 

This break isn’t permanent, trust me. Words are my life and telling stories will be inherent with everything I do. In fact, my unfinished novel will be getting some much needed attention while we all prepare for our next bundle of joy’s arrival. 

So, for now, I bid you a temporary adieu. Be kind to each other, now more than ever, and always.

See you soon!

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