July 29, 2015

Building Your Child's Love of Reading

I’ve loved books since I was young, and now that I’m a parent, I’m hoping to transfer that same affinity to my daughter. She’s become a fan of books too. In fact, her nighttime ritual, no matter how tired or late, is to read a book before bedtime. Otherwise, she won’t have a good night’s sleep (trust me, we’ve tried it without books before).

That’s why I was so glad to discover Bookroo. Their premise is brilliant: to provide parents an affordable means to build their children’s library. Because what better way to promote the love of reading than with a personal collection of favorite books, right? Simple yet effective, Bookroo helps parents achieve this goal by curating monthly book deliveries catered to the age and preference of the child.

Think Birchbox for kids, only with less make up and more learning. What I love about this company is their attention to detail. They cater to your child’s needs, ensuring they send just the right books in just the right reading level. Even their website goes above and beyond. Not only does it disperse just the right information for customers, but also provides fantastic resources for any parent out there.  

So, here are 3 reasons why you should visit the BookRoo website 

For a small price per month, you can subscribe to their service and start building your child’s library in no time. Sign up is easy, just indicate what types of books you want to receive and the length of the subscription, and the wonderful folks at Bookroo will send their picks to you monthly. There’s even an option to give the service as a gift, which is a great birthday or Christmas idea for parents and grandparents alike.

(Bonus: The company is also running a buy one give one promotion for a limited time. It's easy to qualify. All you have to do is sign up with a subscription, and you'll get a free one month box to give a way for free! For more details click here)

Who can resist a cute kangaroo and these adorable hot air balloons? They’re a fantastic back-drop to such a wonderful premise, and provides just the right amount of whimsy for visitors who are looking to join. The site is also easy to navigate. Everything is simple and easily understood—from pricing, to FAQs, all inquiries and questions are explained clearly and thoroughly.

One of my favorites is the About Page. Give it a look to get to know the company and the six dedicated people who are tasked to run it. From Bookroo’s history to each co-founders’ favorite book (childhood to present), the page gives the customer a sense of who and what drives the company, and the reason for its quality service and mission.

Aside from the lovely graphics and the easy to navigate website, Bookroo also shares some helpful parenting stories and tips on their blog. Written by the co founders themselves, this gives the customers a brief glimpse into their lives. Spoiler: they’re just like any other parent out there! Wading through challenges and celebrating many milestones. It’s the perfect window to the lives of entrepreneurship and parenting, and a total must-read. Check out some of my favorite posts below:

Reading is a valuable habit to foster, any parent will attest to that. And there’s no service better suited to hone this valuable skill better than Bookroo. So, if you want to share the love of reading and build your child's book collection, Bookroo is definitely worth the try.

(Note: Though this is a sponsored post, all opinion regarding this product are honest and strictly my own)

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