April 27, 2016

Author’s Insight: How to Draw Purpose and Inspiration from Spirituality

I am so thrilled to have Ms. Kemley Whiteside today. She is the author of Accepted, Secured,Significant, an encouraging read focusing on a person’s own spiritual journey. During our discussion, we dove into everything—from her other career in an engineering firm to what’s next for her as a writer. Read on to find out more about her inspiration for her latest work, and what makes her stories different from others. 

What made you write a book about Accepted, Secured, Significant?
I was experiencing a very difficult situation at the time, and decided to put my thoughts into writing.  Someone had done something to me that really hurt me because I did not expect them to hurt me the way they did.  I began to pray and ask God to first forgive me and forgive them for hurting me.  I realized that even though I enjoyed writing, I knew I had to story to share with the world.  The pain birthed out my purpose and I was not even aware I had it in me to do it.  Meanwhile, I was going through this issue I was also praying to find my biological father.  My family prayed and I prayed for over forty years, and it was then that the Lord spoke to me and said, I will deliver you from this and reward you for your faithfulness.  The pain I encountered was resolved because justice was served, and the reward came from finding my father after forty years.  Great is thy faithfulness sayeth the Lord!

Where do you get inspiration from your stories
I realized that God gave us all a story to tell, and that I was not living my life for me, but for God and others to know of it to help them with their situations.  Each time,  I realized that I was no longer living for myself and that God created me to live this life with the experiences I’ve had was because he wanted me to set the captive free.


There are many books out there about Accepted, Secured, Significant. What makes yours different?
I asked myself the same question when I was writing the book.  I realized the countless amount of authors writing about their stories.  I felt my book was just another number.  I began to see it differently when I realized that my book was inspired by God through application.  Is not just a motivational, and inspirational book, but is a book that people can read all over again to apply in their daily lives principles of the Bible that they can live a life filled with God.  Every day issues are things presented in my book, and solutions to those issues are given in order to apply them in their everyday live.

How long did it take you to write the book?
It took me seven months to release the book.  Yes, there were various obstacles and each time I encountered the obstacles I reminded myself that this ordained assignment was not mine, it was Gods’. I was reminded that believers and non-believers needed this book, and that the book will make an impact in the lives of others. 

Do you have another profession besides writing?
Yes, I have am employed with an engineering firm and handle multiples construction projects.  I have a project management background and my role is to ensure that our clients are being consulted appropriately with each project. 

What is your next project?  
My next project is to focus on coaching and traveling around the globe sharing my story.  Speaking throughout the nation and engaging others to live a purpose driven life.  


About the Book

This text is a spiritual and inspirational journey for those drawn away from their purpose by the circumstances of their lives. This book is dedicated to those told they would never amount to anything.
It is for those told they would be just like their mother or father, that they are idiots, mistakes, and failures. It is for the pushed aside and ignored. It is for those under shadow, and for those abused from childhood. It is for the molested, and the ones told that no one loves them and no one ever would. It is for the misled and mistreated. It is for the suicidal. It is for the victims of domestic violence and abusive relationships. It is for those in spiritual bondage, and those who don’t believe in themselves. It is for those suffering from cancer or other diseases. It is for the motherless, fatherless, jobless, and homeless. It is for the depressive and anxious, the lonely and isolated. This book is for the hopeless.
To my brothers and sisters who need a way out: This book was written just for you. It is to polish your existence and your purpose on this earth.
This book was inspired and written by the Holy Spirit to assure you that, as a child of God, you no longer have to feel bound by labels and curses spoken over the course of your life. God wants to reinforce in your heart how valuable you are and how much you mean to Him. He wants you to know that through Him, you are Accepted, Secured, and Significant.  

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