November 8, 2016

A Mother's Strength and Bravery

If you ask any parent about their worst fears, their answers will vary. Some fear that their not raising their children right, some fear that their kids won’t fit in anywhere, others will say that they fear for their children’s safety. 

These same thoughts run rampant in my mind as my daughter grows. But as a young mother, one of my worst fears is not being able to watch my child grow. Call it irrational and slightly over-dramatic, but the thought of a parent’s borrowed time has always been a constant since my daughter was born. If I’ve learned anything about being a mother it’s that nothing is permanent; that in a blink all could change. 

Luckily, our changes have been positive. First steps, first words, first full night of sleep, even the bittersweet first day of preschool has been something we’ve celebrated—all an indication that time is moving and we’re progressing with it together. 

However, there are some moms out there who aren’t so fortunate.  Some who consider time more as an enemy because of an illness, like cancer;  who want time to stop moving so fast, and so forward. I admire these mothers and their unbelievable strength. I celebrate their brevity in times of crisis and  their willingness to fight against their disease not only for their sake but their children’s as well.  

And Aurora Whittet’s book,  Mama’s Knight encapsulates every mother’s bravery and passion as they battle with cancer. In fact, it does more than encourage families and children through such a tough fight; it gives them hope.  

So naturally, when Ms. Whittet’s book came across my desk for a book review, I jumped at the chance to share it with you.

Whittet’s book is designed to help families, especially children, cope with the challenges of cancer and treatment.  Each page explains the hows and the whys of disease, complete with fill-in-the-blank features that allow parents to explain their condition in ways that any child can understand.  For instance, there’s a page designated to explain mom’s treatment plan and another that leaves space for symptoms that the child might witness as their mom battle their illness. 

The book also manages to broach the heavy subject of cancer by having an optimistic tone.  From its illustrations to its words, Whittet manages to capture the severity of the disease without being so bleak or scary for children; Her thoughtful tale is one that balances curiosity and sensitivity in one.

Perhaps, however, what I most admire about  Mama’s Knight is the varied activities suggested within its pages.  From building a snuggle fort, to making some gag proof family recipes, to creating a simple story, or enlisting a family member to help out for the day, Mama’s Knight becomes more than just a book to a child; suddenly, it’s a means for them to commemorate his/her time together with their mom, and to ensure that even long after their battle is over, both of them will still have the memories to keep. In fact, I believe that the book is designed not only for families to cope with mom’s cancer, but also to see her through the survival of it. 

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis for any mom to experience, but even more so for her children and family, but Mama’s Knight does more than allow them to endure every facet that comes with it. It allows them to hope; it’s another source of strength they can pull from and a permanent reminder that even if all seems lost, a mom’s strength is always there to endure.  

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