October 29, 2015

SHINE Blog Hop #71

When I started blogging, my intentions were pretty simple: to document my adventures as a first time mom. I didn’t like keeping a baby book, and though photography was a glorified hobby of mine, the thought of arranging pictures chronologically in an album was too daunting of a task for me to undertake. 

So, I blogged. I put my words onto paper, hit publish and hoped that someone out there felt the same way I did—was as unsure and scared as I was (and still am), who ran into the same road blocks and challenges I did as a mother. 

Time passed, and as my daughter grew, and so did this blog. I learned so much, not only about blogging, but about parenting in general. And what astounds me is that my most treasured parenting knowledge came from the very people that I wished for when I started—moms who were just as scared, just as unsure. Moms who were going through the same journey I was. 

I can’t say it enough, but I love the community that I quite literary fell into. I’ve grown so much while being in it.And aside from my chronicled memories of motherhood with my daughter, what I value most through this blog is the people I’ve met. What they’ve taught me and how they’ve helped me grow. 
So to say that I’m honored to be co-hosting Shine Blog hop for the very first time this week is an understatement. I was no more than a participant a little over a year ago. Jennifer commented on a post I’d shared and within a few clicks I discovered SHINE. I was an avid blog hopper, but I knew instantly this was something special. The content was valuable, helpful, encouraging, and the people that I’ve met, especially Jennifer and Tiffany, were so encouraging and supportive. This fact alone made me come back week after week, after week. I was (and still am) proud to belong to this community that was so carefully honed and crafted by these two lovely ladies. They quite literally, with no pun intended, made me SHINE as a blogger, as a writer, and as a mother. And I owe them a debt of gratitude for that. 

I know it’s customary for the host to say “welcome” to a blog hop, but seeing as how much SHINE impacted me, I want to take my first time up here to say thank you to Jennifer and Tiffany for allowing  me to spread their this wonderful message they’ve crafted. I know no one’s perfect, but I’ll try my hardest to contribute the best to this community that so graciously embraced me. 

And to the SHINE participants, old and new, I express my gratitude as well. For your kind words, support and contributions to this blog hop. It is due, in part, to you that I’ve learned so much, and I can’t wait to continue this journey with you, and hopefully make you SHINE brighter as well...

Now let's SHINE!

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SHINE Blog Hop #71

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