November 1, 2015

An Author's Insight on Writing and Spirituality (My interview with author, Trudie Hayes)

Ms Hayes is the author of the science fiction novel, Convergence, and today, she shares with us her love for the philosophical, and how the theme of spirituality shaped her recent work. Despite our conversation being so brief, I discovered plenty about the art of writing and the intricate craft of story telling.

How did you discover your knack for writing?
TH: Well, I've always had a gift...although some might disagree...for crafting words and sentences. Not necessarily for writing a book, but a way of stringing words together. Turning a noun into a verb or vice versa, and a passion for singing.

How do you describe your writing process?
TH: It's all about storytelling and how well you craft your tale. As with acting, it's taking the reader or viewer away from their 'now' sending them on a journey to anywhere and everywhere--real or imagined. And the beauty is upon return, their lives are forever changed having digested the words. Like a good meal one is titillated by the aroma/setting the stage; lost in the savor/the plot; released into the afterglow/closing the book covers.

I've noticed your use of philosophical and spiritual words in your works. Is that a theme in your writing?
TH: Yes! I've always considered myself a student of the metaphysical. Devouring literature from the greats: Napoleon Hill, Claude Bristol, readings from Llewellyn, including the greatest book I have ever read--Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization.

Convergence was released in August of this year. Was this your first published work?
TH Actually, no. In 2008 I self-published a children's book Of All The People In The World To Be...I Am Glad That I Am Me!"®. A long title title that became the first of 5 trademarks that I have.

Earlier, we spoke about using spirituality and philosophy in your writing. Is it safe to say there’s also a spiritual theme in Convergence?
TH: Yes, there is. While it follows the paths of three pre-teens, their pitfalls / their success, it is their belief in themselves that allows them to conquer anything put before them. Some of what they confront is out of this world, but the theme is consistent.

The ending to the book was quite shocking. Is there a plan to write a sequel?
TH: Initially I planned on a trilogy. I have to see where it goes and have others in the work as well. One of which is a lot more riveting and for a more adult genre

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